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Shorter Bits, Essays, Literary Nonfiction

"How to Float," SmokeLong Quarterly. Issue 45. 22 Sep. 2014. (The interview accompanying the piece is available here.)

I've published many essays on, many for the Human Parts publication, including:

the dorsal stream, a now-retired series of pieces about family and fatherhood, with a little (just a little) philosophy, and where I experiment with creative nonfiction.

I contribute to Printculture, a blog on media, culture, the arts, weasels, and academic life.

Representative Academic Publications Produced at Least Once on Actual Paper

“Why Nonconceptual Content Can’t Be Immune to Error Through Misidentification,” European Review of Philosophy, (2006) 6, 81-100.

“Unintentionally Biasing the Data: Reply to Knobe,” Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, (2004) 24, 220-223.

“Introduction,” with Charles Landesman. In Philosophical Skepticism, Cambridge: Blackwell Press, 2002. 1-6.

Philosophical Skepticism, co-edited with Charles Landesman. Cambridge: Blackwell Press, 2002.

“How Primitive is Self-Consciousness?” Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (2001). Johanna D. Moore and Keith Stenning (Eds.). London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates: 628-632.

Book Reviews

Review of Thinking Without Words by José Luis Bermúdez, Philosophical Psychology 18.6 (2005): 804-808.

Review of Consciousness and Persons by Michael Tye, Journal of Consciousness Studies 12.4/5 (2005): 150-151.

Review of Other Minds by Anita Avramides, Journal of Consciousness Studies 9.1 (2002): 90-91.

Review of When Self-Consciousness Breaks: Alien Voices and Inserted Thoughts by G. Lynn Stephens and George Graham, Metapsychology, books.php?type=de&id=421 (2000).

Review of The Paradox of Self-Consciousness by José Luis Bermúdez, Psycholoquy 11 (122),

Review of Stanley Cavell: Philosophy’s Recounting of the Ordinary by Stephen Mulhall, Philosophy and Literature 19.2 (October 1995): 407-408.

In Preparation:

How to Talk to Yourself: A Series of Useful Guides

Rubber Hands, Plastic Selves

My PhD Thesis

(Dare you to read it.)

Identifying the First Person